25 Smart, Inspiring Ways to Use a Spare Bedroom

A rarely used guest room that sits vacant most of the time is ripe for repurposing. Stop wasting your spare room, or worse yet, filling it with junk and using it for storage. Instead, transform that extra space into a pleasant spot for rest, relaxation, hobbies, and fun.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Uses for a spare bedroom

If you're lucky enough to have an unused bedroom, you've got a blank canvas that's brimming with potential. Jazz up that spare space and make it more functional—or just more fun. For inspiration, check out these 25 creative and unexpected uses for a spare bedroom. One is sure to capture your imagination.


Airbnb Your Space

Airbnb spare bedroom

Rake in a few extra bucks during the year by renting out your guest room through Airbnb. Outfit the space with essentials like towels, toiletries, and toilet paper, and make sure your home's Wi-Fi password is prominently displayed.


Get Crafty

Craft room in spare bedroom

If crafting and creating is your jam, your maker space should reflect your imaginative personality. With smart choices of furnishings, storage accessories, and lighting, even the tiniest of rooms can become a bright and airy space for transforming ideas into reality.

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Work It!

Home office in spare bedroom

Guess what? No rule says that your spare room has to be able to accommodate guests. Let work be the focus of the space by turning it into a dedicated, ultra-organized, and beautiful home office.


Study Up

Study room in spare bedroom

Doing homework at the kitchen table is so passé. Create a space where kids and teens can concentrate on their after-school projects with all the necessary tools and supplies at the ready.

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Space for Crafts and Guests

Guest room and craft room in spare bedroom

A craft room need not be cluttered and uninviting—and it can still double as a guest bedroom in a pinch. The blogger at Home to Heather designed a space that's perfect for both crafts and guests by placing an eclectic creative nook next to a cozy vintage-style sleeping area. 


Home Office with a Cozy Vibe

Cozy home office in spare bedroom

This midcentury modern-inspired home office features bright pops of color and cleverly reimagined closet space. Roomy bookshelves and a filing cabinet provide plenty of storage, and the spacious desk offers enough room for two to work side by side.


Set Up a Studio

Artist studio in spare bedroom

Even the smallest extra bedroom can give you space to express yourself artistically. Place an easel or a drafting table in a bright nook, hang shelves or bring in a cabinet for storage, and you're ready to create. If the room is big enough, you can even pull in a comfortable couch or sofa bed for overnight guests. 


Bring On the Books!

Book room in spare bedroom

Have you ever dreamed of twirling around in your own private library, surrounded by towering bookshelves, like Belle from "Beauty and the Beast"? If you don't have the square footage for a traditional living room library, your spare bedroom is the next best thing. Line the walls with shelving and save a corner for the comfiest chair you can afford.

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Rock On

Music room in spare bedroom

Practice guitar, jam with friends, or compose your first hit song in a room dedicated to music. Lay down thick carpeting to soak up sound, and add a few comfortable floor cushions for musically inclined visitors.


Start Your Garden

Start seeds in spare bedroom

Gardening enthusiasts who lack the space or budget for a greenhouse can cultivate seedlings in their spare room from the waning days of winter through early spring. Buy ready-made shelving or DIY your own, and outfit them with light fixtures appropriate for nurturing baby plants.

Sweat It Out

Home gym in spare bedroom

Whether you practice yoga, run, or do strength training, you'll be more motivated, better disciplined, and more excited about your workouts if you establish a dedicated exercise space. So, get moving! Drag that treadmill out of the basement or family room, and quit using it to hold dirty laundry. 


All About Play

Kids playroom in spare bedroom

Turning your spare room into your kids' playroom will let you declutter the rest of your house and keep toys under control. Have fun with the project by customizing the room to suit your children's interests and style.


Spoil Your Pet

Pet room in spare bedroom

You may have to evict Fido from his bedroom lair when guests arrive, but all the other days of the year, your furry friend can enjoy a private pet sanctuary. Include your pet’s favorite toys, and don’t forget to adorn the walls with dog- or cat-themed art.

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Play Games

Game room in spare bedroom

Board game aficionados know that the kitchen table is often the worst place to settle in for a marathon dice-based battle—the table is cramped and often too small, and the seating is uncomfortable. When you set up a dedicated game room, you can furnish it with cozy chairs and an expansive table that can accommodate large boards. If you're an enthusiastic gamer, set up a console corner with beanbag chairs. And for a luxe touch, add a mini-fridge filled with game-night beverages.


Strike a Pose

Zen room in spare bedroom

Close your eyes. Inhale. Exhale. Sure, yoga can be done anywhere you can lay down a mat, but it’s infinitely more soothing to stretch your limbs in a room devoted to relaxation. Add a small console table for Zen-inspired decor, and use a diffuser to set the mood.


A Real Walk-In Closet

Walk-in closet in spare bedroom

If your closet is cluttered and cramped, why not migrate your clothes to a spacious new space—that underused spare room? With careful organization and a few storage accessories, you can turn your spare room into a luxurious walk-in closet.

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Brainstorm Away

Idea room in spare bedroom

Whether you’re a writer or an entrepreneur, having a safe space to work out your ideas is invaluable. Refashion your spare room into an office with whiteboards and plenty of empty wall space where you can map out your thoughts and get your creative juices flowing.


Belly Up to the Bar

Home bar in spare bedroom

Do you love to entertain but lack the space to do it in style? Swap the traditional guest bedroom for a discreet bar and lounge space where guests can gather and mingle at your next dinner party.


Maximize Utility

Work and sleep combo spare bedroom

Make efficient use of an extra bedroom by combining a work space with a cozy sleep corner. For the greatest versatility, incorporate a hideaway bed and easy-to-move pieces.

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Expand the Bathroom

Bathroom renovation into spare bedroom

Is your useless spare bedroom right next to a cramped bathroom? Think bigger! Create a spa-worthy retreat by tearing down a wall, expanding the space, and adding indulgent touches like a freestanding tub or sauna. 

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Sew Great

Sewing room spare bedroom

Don’t feel obliged to sacrifice a corner of your bedroom or a section of a dingy basement for your sewing needs. Equip your extra room with a sewing machine, storage for notions, and a generous worktable, and you'll have a cheerful space fit for an accomplished sewist.


Store with Style

Storage room in spare bedroom

Is your home short on storage space? Outfit your spare bedroom with furniture pieces that offer a variety of storage possibilities. Store linens in an antique armoire, stash rarely used tableware in a dresser, or invest in a captain's bed and stow away bulky winter clothing in the drawers.


Lights, Camera, Action!

Home theater in spare bedroom

Turn that extra bedroom into a home movie theater. With a big-screen TV, ultra-comfortable seating, and a few bags of popcorn, you'll be all set to enjoy your favorite flicks. For a real cinema experience, spring for a video projector and a surround sound system.


Bon Appétit!

Dining room in spare bedroom

If a formal dining room is on your wish list but you're stuck with something less grand, think about using your spare room for  dining. All you need is a table and chairs, and some dining room-appropriate decor to transform the space.


Mix and Match

Multi-purpose spare bedroom

Nothing is stopping you from taking two or more of the ideas described above and creating a room that serves multiple purposes. Combine a yoga studio and library into a single space for meditation and reading. Set up a home office, but also use it for reading and creating. Add movie-style seating to a playroom to turn your spare bedroom into a fun-filled family theater. 


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